Volo Aviation FBO Management

Leave the details to us and let your FBO soar.

Fixed Base Operations are inherently complex and challenging businesses. Proper and efficient management of personnel, client relationships, technology, quality control, safety, public relations, and a variety of other issues are crucial to the success of your business.

In an industry where margins seem to continually erode, Volo Aviation offers the Independent FBO the opportunity to partner with an established player in order to maximize operational efficiencies, enhance safety and performance, and ultimately grow your market share and profitability in an increasingly challenging environment. Volo Aviation is an assembly of individuals where the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. We bring not just our decades of experience in FBO management and operations; we also bring the connections and relationships that can only be forged with time and positive performance.

No other group in the industry has this type of proven historical performance or the diversity of talent within a single entity. With a focus on efficiency, safety, revenue creation, and active community involvement , Volo Aviation has been able to aid its clients in finding solutions and successes where others have previously failed. This comprehensive approach is what makes Volo Aviation the solution of choice for Independent FBO organizations who wish to streamline and achieve the full potential of their operations. Whether the goal is a better bottom line or increasing asset value to maximize return on capital; Volo Aviation is the answer.

Volo Aviation FBO Benefits

There are many benefits that an Independent FBO can realize by being a part of the growing Volo Aviation network.

Our relationships allow us to cut expenditures, reduce operational inefficiencies, and begin improving your operation from day one. We know that in this business time is everything, so we are ready to move at a moment’s notice. Volo Aviation can have boots on the ground in a matter of days and formal action plans established shortly thereafter. We know what separates the winners from the losers in our business: it is the people who comprise the team.

Our job is working behind the scenes to ensure you have the most qualified and best trained individuals, equipped with all the necessary tools to find success for both themselves and their FBO.


  • Access to Direct Operating Costs
  • Fuel Procurement – access to preferred supplier pricing
  • Aviation Insurance – placement assistance through our trusted partners
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Access to Sales Initiatives
  • Legal/accounting consultation
  • Human resources management
  • Access to industry-leading programs and training standards, including:
  • Training & Program Manuals
  • Fuel Quality Control Programs