Volo Aviation charter services

Rule your atmosphere.

Volo Aviation LLC is a certificated Air Carrier operating under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s). We have global operating authority, so rest assured we are fully qualified to transport you and your guests anywhere in the world in the utmost safety and comfort. It all starts with the quality of our fleet. Between the jets we manage to those we can acquire on short notice (pre-audited to meet our exacting standards), we can secure any type of aircraft for any number of passengers. From Lears to Cessna Citations, and from Falcons to Gulfstreams, you have access to any mission specificity. From short regional hops to Asian non-stops, we can provide the right fleet at the right time.

Safety and efficiency are paramount in private aviation, and thus Volo Aviation undergoes thorough auditing and vetting from industry experts to ensure our practices and procedures are of the highest standards. We are proud to be an ARG/US Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, and IS-BAO Stage II operator.