About Volo Aviation

High-tech, High touch innovators at your command.

The people fulfilling our mission are uniquely gifted at creating new levels of service and performance. In three key arenas, our top teams work as one. We’ve invested over ten years perfecting our business model with a unity that assures constancy.

Our corporate values show up as unsurpassed integrity, quality, safety, security, service and follow-through.

By controlling all aspects of the transportation domain, we have built a distinctive boutique to serve our clients from ground to sky. And our clients expect no less. They’re fast moving leaders, hard-wired into culture, business and society. Those who fly with Volo Aviation thrive in multiple worlds and time zones, know the right people, the finest restaurants, and the best technologies. They also know that Volo Aviation translates to speed, efficiency, and unlimited access.

Our Team

Rest assured that Volo has a highly experienced, dedicated team of professionals here to assist you. And oh yeah- did we mention we’re aviation nuts? We feel this is an important point because as any motivational speaker will tell you- life is easier when you love what you do.


Brian has over 25 years of aviation experience much of which was spent with the industry leader in aviation services, Signature Flight Support. Within Signature he held the position of Regional General Manager of the critical New York market which includes (White Plains NY, Morristown NJ and LaGuardia NY airports.

Brian’s positions over the past 15 years have centered on M&A and Executive management of acquired assets. Overseeing all aspects of 20 FBO transactions from identifying the asset, due-diligence along with the final consent process with the municipalities to ultimately overseeing the business once operational. Brian preaches a strong commitment to safety, efficiency, customer service and core values.

In 2004 Brian began a short but successful tenure with Skyport Flight Services, Brian was the Managing Director reporting directly to the Board of Directors. He and the investors of Skyport acquired a small underutilized FBO in Westchester County airport NY in 2004. Within 18 months Brian successfully increased the annual EBITDA from $500,000 to $2,200,000 and ultimately divesting to the Carlyle Group in early 2006 netting investors a 150% return in less than two years.

In late 2006, he began his tenure with Volo Aviation through the joint venture partnership between Volo Aviation and Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch’s commitment was for $250MM of which Brian and the M&A Group deployed approximately $100MM. Over the next several years Brian spearheaded the design of a new FBO chain (Volo Aviation). He led every aspect of the acquisitions process as well as the development of the infrastructure from the ground up. Volo Aviation is one of the only new chains to be developed and branded in the past 10 years. Brian managed the assets for Merrill Lynch and ran the entire FBO business line for Volo Aviation managing over a staff of 200 with top line revenues of $30,000,000. During their peak with Merrill Lynch Volo operated and owned 8 FBO’s under Brian’s direction. Brian assisted in Merrill Lynch’s divestiture of the assets with the deal closing in December of 2010.

In early 2013 Brian lead the start-up of a new FBO Company forming Skyport Holdings an FBO acquisition venture pursuing FBO’s within the secondary markets. In March of 2013 Skyport acquired their first FBO location in Harrisburg, PA and successfully acquired two more FBO’s in Tampa, FL and Jacksonville, NC. All Skyport locations where managed and branded by Volo Aviation from 2013 – 2016. Brian served as the Company’s President & CEO from 2013 – 2016.

Today, Brian serves as CEO of Volo Aviation and Emery Air, overseeing all Company business consisting of FBO and MRO Network of Locations with over 200 Employees.

Brian currently serves on three important industry committees with NATA, NBAA and IFBOA.